Thursday, July 24, 2014

Solabee, downtown

Last January I trekked on over to North Portland in search of Solabee. Once there I discovered they were no longer at that location, but I still had a great time poking around Salvage Works and vowed to visit the downtown Portland Solabee. Only 6 months later I finally made it!

As you can see from the sign above Solabee shares space with a business called Boy's Fort. Like Salvage Works they've got a wealth of used items for sale, which definitely adds to the overall shopping experience.

As I stood just inside the entrance and scanned the space (getting my bearings) I heard the sound of splashing water, yet looking around I couldn't find the source.

The tall rusty centaur got my eye though.

That's when I put two and two together...

Yes for the low price of $4,000 you can own a peeing centaur...

I'd much rather own these chairs. That fabric is fabulous!

The Solabee selection was concentrated in a corner of the space.

Oh yes, these look interesting!

Care cards for the succulents, nice!

I always vow to keep my dried up blooms, but usually end up tossing them.

Next time?

Couldn't manage a non-blurry picture but I really liked this...

And those wood block images...

Back on the Boy's Fort side to check out some inventive lighting...

A metal tire ramp, plumbing parts and a hanging metal shade, I like it!

Back out on the street I had to ask myself if these planters were new. I know it's been awhile since I strolled around downtown, surely I would have remembered them? I do remember the fun graphics on the side of the Nordstrom building.

And I did buy one of the old Cactus and Succulent Journals, I selected this one for the cover shot of William Hertrich surrounded by books. I hoped there would be an article on the Huntington Gardens inside and I was not disappointed.

Look at this early shot of the Huntington cactus garden, amazing. If you're interested in Hertrich and the Huntington I recommend the book The Huntington Botanical Gardens, 1905-1949: Personal Recollections of William Hertrich, it's only $2.58 on amazon!

I'm particularly taken with the illustration across the bottom of the journal. Excellent find...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 2014 Bloomday, plus 7...

It's true, I did an actual Bloomday post (of sorts) a week ago. But since I've posted for every Bloomday since April of 2009 I was feeling a little odd about essentially skipping one. There are cool things blooming that I want to share! So here's my Bloomday plus 7 post, a week after the fact.

Canna 'Australia' and the foamy blooms of Macleaya cordata...

My only eucomis bloom this year, and oddly this particular plant hasn't ever bloomed before. It's probably Eucomis 'Oakhurst'...

Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' close-up

And the whole 9-yards (I'm thrilled this plant is finally taller than me!)...

Hosta 'Sum and Substance'...usually my hosta blooms are quickly cut off, these were spared only because they're at the back of the shade pavilion and easily missed. They won't last long (snip snip)...

Liatris, which I swear has come back from the dead. This plant came with me from Spokane, oh 10 years ago. I haven't seen it for ages and I was very surprised it showed up this year and is blooming!

A couple of those sneaky Brachyglottis greyi flowers managed to bloom while my head was turned.

Eryngium yuccifolium

Eryngium agavifolium

Alstroemeria isabellana

Kniphofia, one of the "popsicle series" from Terra Nova.

Agapanthus NOID

Persicaria runcinata 'Purple Majesty'

Grevillea 'Neil Bell'

Abutilon 'Red Tiger', not quite open yet...

This Passiflora 'Sunburst' bloom has a lot to do with why I'm doing a second Bloomday post. I had pretty much resigned myself to skipping until I saw this...

How could I not share this crazy bloom? Only hardy to USDA Zone 11 I'm going to have a hard time letting this parish come fall...

Clematis tibetana var. vernayi, it's first lemon peel bloom of the season.

Grevillea 'Peaches and Cream'

An orange crocosmia that I got from Scott at our Garden Bloggers plant swap last fall.

This is now my very favorite crocosmia...

Those colors!

I stupidly pulled my Lobelia laxiflora this spring thinking it was dead. Duh, no it wasn't. So glad it's rebounded with lots of growth and flowers.

Finally we go inside the house for the last two photos for this Bloomday. This beauty is my birthday lily, planted by a previous gardener to whom I am very grateful. Every year it blooms on my birthday (the 20th) and every year I cut it to bring it inside. I know I should leave it in the garden but inside its scent fills the house and takes me back years, to a time when I was roommates with a good friend whose birthday is the day before mine. We always had 'stargazer' lilies in our apartment, Happy Birthday Sonny.

And this charming bouquet was a birthday gift from my husband, Andrew. And with that I wrap up this late edition of Garden Bloggers Bloomday.

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